In 1999, I’ve started doing my families’ genealogy. I had no idea back then about the fascinating routes through which this new hobby would lead me, but shortly after I began researching my ancestors’ heritage – it had become clear to me that genealogy is much more than a hobby for me. As for today, it is practically a major part of my life. A major part of myself. Over the years of doing genealogy, I have been researching my ancestors’ families, but also have been involved in many other family researches; I have been instructing genealogy for both adults and young children, and have been consulting it in many occasions; I have been been publishing and was interviewed; I have been presenting in local, national and international genealogy events, and have been involved in organizing such events. You will find much about my genealogy activity in this site.

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I’m the founder (2001) and the leader of the Israeli Family Roots Forum, a IAJGS-member online Jewish genealogy organization which is focused on Hebrew discussions regarding all the aspects of Jewish genealogy.

On 2010, the Israeli production of the popular BBC series, “Who Do You Think You Are?” was broadcasted; I served as the Head Genealogy Adviser for this production.

I’m a member of the International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center, in which I’m serving as a member of the Teaching Committee; in addition, as part of that institute activity, I’m the coordinator of a Blue Ribbon Committee discussing Ethics and Jewish Genealogy. I’m a member of the Israeli Genealogical Society (IGS), and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists(APG). Also, I’m serving as a member in the Research Users Advisory Committee of the EHRI project, the main goal of which is to promote the Holocaust research.

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Feel free to contact my by email: {arnon.hershkovitz} at {gmail} dot {com}.